I help curate the development of an art collective by the name of Venture Mob Entertainment. We make music, videos, graphic design and sometimes silk-screening.  venturemobentertainment.com I design the album artwork,  direct the videos, help run the twitter/instagram social media accounts, and create campaigns to promote our artists work. Below you can see our latest campaign:
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gameboys CAMPAIGN
the venture mob (vmob for short) has a new collaborative mixtape featuring all the artists within vme. THIS TAPE IN PARTICULAR PAYS HOMAGE TO THE OLD VIDEOGAMES WE GREW UP ON AND FEATURES A SAMPLE FROM A CLASSIC VIDEOGAME, SUCH AS LINK'S AWAKENING. 
Instagram Activation:
This is currently going on  @venturemobentertainment on Instagram and will be forever! Below are some of the submissions that have came in.
Listen to the album:
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